Michael Shick

About Me

My name is Mike; I’m a programmer living in the DC metro area.


Right now I’m working hard to make Highfive Vet a reality. The gory detail of my professional history can be found in my resume or on my LinkedIn profile. I’m dedicated to working remotely: I want to live wherever makes me happy and be around to spend time with family and on the house.


  • Exploration, especially long walks
  • Languages, human and machine
  • Tooling, especially simple but powerful tools
  • Trivia
  • Photography
  • Free Software

Free Software Projects

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I’m a big fan of free and open source software. I like to release almost all of my personal work under the GPL.

Recently I’ve been moving my active projects to management by Fossil SCM. I love the baked-in wiki and ticket system: it fits very well into my organizational style.

Project Contributions

In addition to my own, I also enjoy working with others on their projects:

MTG Familiar: My largest contribution is the design of the life counter. I worked quite a bit on project initially; in fact my friendship with the developer started with our working together on the first release.

Diode for Reddit: I forked Diode from Reddit is Fun when the developer closed the source in 2012. My goal has been is to change very little but keep a libre version available. As such my role is primarily that of manager, reviewing and merging changes from a variety of independent developers.

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