Michael Shick

About Me

My name is Mike; I’m a programmer and photographer.

By day I mostly write C++ for Google’s privacy infrastructure engineering team. Otherwise I’m either hanging out with my wife Arielle, taking photos, or tinkering with my personal projects.

The gory detail of my professional history can be found in my resume or on my LinkedIn profile.


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Photography is how I spend most of my free time outside of laying about at home. I mostly just dabble across genres, but I also cover a lot of roller derby for Peninsula Roller Girls and Silicon Valley Roller Girls.

I’m always looking for new photographic adventures, especially working with non-profit and volunteer groups that might not be able to afford to pay a professional photographer.

Free Software Projects

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I’m a big fan of free and open source software. I like to release almost all of my personal work under the GPL.

Recently I’ve been moving my active projects to management by Fossil SCM. I love the baked-in wiki and ticket system: it fits very well into my organizational style.

Project Contributions

In addition to my own, I also enjoy working with others on their projects:

MTG Familiar: My largest contribution is the design of the life counter. I worked quite a bit on project initially; in fact my friendship with the developer started with our working together on the first release.

Diode for Reddit: I forked Diode from Reddit is Fun when the developer closed the source in 2012. My goal has been is to change very little but keep a libre version available. As such my role is primarily that of manager, reviewing and merging changes from a variety of independent developers.

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